Rs. 55,995

GL 658 Touch

Quick Overview

    • 8 functions
    • Large viewing window, Double glass door
    • Touch control, LCD display
    • Oven light, child safety lock
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  • In stock
  •  8 functions:
    • Grill 
    • Top heating+convection 
    • Back heating+convection 
    • Grill+Top heating 
    • Grill+Top heating+Convection 
    • Top Bottom heating+Convection 
    • Top+Bottom heating 
    • Bottom heating+Convection
  •  Large viewing window
  •  Double glass door
  •  Touch control, LCD display
  •  Oven light, child safety lock
  •  Large oven capacity - 42 Liter
  •  Timer 24 hours
  •  Grill plate, grill shelf, oil collect plate
  •  Convection oven with turbo fan
  •  Dimensions (W x D x H): 595 x 540 x 455 mm
  •  Opening (W1 x D1 X H1): 565 x 550 x 450 mm

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