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Squeezing not grinding

The originative Slow Squeezing System extracts juice at a low RPM, which prevents disruption of cellular structure of fruits & vegetables.

Preserves natural flavor and nutrition

Slow Squeezing Mechanism of slow juicer prevents oxidation and separation of good enzymes and produces 100% living juice overflowing with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Clog-free operation, easy to clean

So that you can enjoy continuous juicing, automatic pulp removal is facilitated through a separate outlet. For juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables, all you need is to put the cut fruits or vegetables through feeding tube. It is also very easy to clean; a rinse with clean water does it all. The superior grade plastic doesn’t allow residue of flavor. Using this electric juicer is easy, convenient and hassle free.

More juice, more vitamins for healthy living

The innovative slow juicer squeezes the juice instead of cutting it. Glen slow juicer preserves natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. All the goodness of fruits is unlocked into the juice. These nutrients play a vital role in nutrition and make us feel better and look healthier.

GL 4016


  • Retains vitamins & minerals with low RPM speed
  • Lower Noise than normal Juicers
  • More Juice, more vitamins than a normal juicer
  • Capacity (Juicer Bowl) - 300 ml
  • 10295 ₹  12,995 ₹  ( 21 % OFF )


    GL 4018 Cold Press Slow Juicer


  • Now Feed a whole apple & continuous juicing of oranges
  • BPA-Free material
  • 2 meshes available for different foods
  • Does not separate into water & pulp
  • Powerful motor - 250 W
  • 19995 ₹  23,995 ₹  ( 17 % OFF )


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