Room Heaters

Oil Filled Radiators are convection room heaters, which work by electrically heating oil that acts as a heat reservoir. The hot oil heats the metal walls and in turn the surroundings via convection and radiation. The thin fin columns provide a large surface area to allow more air to be in contact with the heater and help rapid transfer of heat into the room. OFR room heater is a safe environment friendly method of heating that does not involve any fuel burning. Oil filled radiators do not reduce oxygen nor do they cause any dryness in the room. Glen Oil Filled Radiator Heaters are designed to provide fast and flexible heating to any indoor space. They are highly efficient, safe and provide long lasting heating. With a 400 W ceramic fan they spread their warmth instantly.

ISI Certified

The electric heaters are certified from Indian standards and comply with high standards of manufacturing and safety. The OFR air heater is safe to use even for longer durations and does not produce any toxic fumes.

Turbo Boost Ceramic Fan

The Glen oil radiator room heater comes with a turbo PTC fan. It boasts of superior heat dispersion and the quickest heating possible. Also the fan doesn´t allow deposition of grime and dust because of ceramic material that it is built of.

Thermal Fins

The oil room heater bears thermal fins, which provide large surface for speedy heating instantly. The air around electric heater is warmed up uniformly and no cold pockets remain after a few minutes.

In-built handle

The Glen OFR electric room heater is provided with in built handle, so that you can move and place the OFR heater elsewhere conveniently. It comes with castor wheels and is very ease to move.


GL 7015 OFR Heater

+ Features
  • No oxygen burning, No suffocation, No dryness
  • Warm sunlight feel, 2 years warranty
  • ISI certified
  • Environment safe green conducting oil
  • Power 9 fin - 2000+400 W

₹ 9,995

GL 7016 Halogen Heater

+ Features
  • Efficient, Convenient, Instant heating
  • 3 powerful halogen heaters
  • Heat settings 400 W/ 800 W/ 1200 W
  • Tip over protection for safety
  • Child safety mesh
  • 1200 W

₹ 2,499

GL 7017 Quartz Heater

+ Features
  • Efficient, Convenient, Instant heating
  • Heat settings 400 W/ 800 W
  • Tip over protection for safety
  • Child safety mesh
  • 800 W

₹ 1,499

GL 7011 11 Fin

+ Features
  • Environment friendly conducting oil
  • Turbo Fan- For Quick Heating
  • Thermostat- To control Room Temperature
  • Power 11 fins 2000 + 400 W 

₹ 10,990 (27% OFF) Rs. 7,990

GL 7012 PTC Heater

+ Features
  • Automatic oscillation radius 70 degrees
  • LED digital display, Safety tip-over switch
  • Multi-function remote control
  • Safe & Energy efficient PTC heating

₹ 9,990 (15% OFF) Rs. 8,492

GL 7013 PTC Heater

+ Features
  • Energy efficient PTC heating
  • PTC ceramic heating element
  • Thermostat to maintain room temperature
  • Overheating protection, Safety tip-over switch

₹ 4,990 (20% OFF) Rs. 3,990

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